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Community-owned infrastructure must not only come at a price we can sustain, but with terms that reflect our values, protect our rights, and give us control. We’re tracking how these are evolving, what we should ask for, and how to get what we need.


  • Leaked Dutch Contract with Elsevier Raises Significant Alarm Bells

    Elsevier is discussing a contract to provide Dutch universities with access to its journals at no extra cost. Institutions and consortia should pause to consider and robustly debate all the ramifications of these decisions, before pursuing what may prove apparent and short-lived benefits.

  • Risk Mitigation: Engage in Open Procurement Practices

    An important area when institutions can assert control of data is through purchasing and procurement processes. These processes should be revisited and revised to ensure that they are transparent, competitive, and fully coordinated across the institution.

  • Executive Summary

    Academic publishing is undergoing a major transition. Some of its leaders are moving from a content-provision to a data analytics business. This shift is still in its early days. There are actions and strategies that institutions can consider adopting to limit the potential harms, and leverage potential benefits.