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What’s driving publishers strategies and actions?

Companies are driven primarily by the market, not their values. We analyzing the market to gain insights into what publishers are doing, why, and how to respond.


  • Appendix: Courseware

    Can digital revenues return the courseware business to growth or will they be insufficient to compensate the accelerated decline of print revenues?

  • Appendix: Scholarly Journals

    The scholarly journals business is still on a path to raising its profitability, but pricing pressures will intensify and we see substantial stagnation of subscription revenues.

  • In pursuit of open science open access is not enough

    The healthy functioning of the academic community, including fair terms and conditions from commercial partners, requires that the global marketplace for data analytics and knowledge infrastructure be kept open to real competition.

  • Education Companies: The Products

    Anecdotal evidence suggests that these systems built and maintained by publishers capture massive amounts of data about student and faculty behavior that go beyond what is necessary for accomplishing their core objectives (i.e. improving student outcomes). Institutions, faculty and students should think about the accumulation and use of data collected and retained by schools and commercial vendors.

  • Education Companies: Background

    The continued decline of the higher education courseware business in the U.S. is driven by the interplay of three factors; student enrollment, pricing, and participation rates.

  • Research Companies: The Products

    Compiling a map of all the products and services that the three leading research data analytics vendors (Clarivate, Digital Science, Elsevier) market outside libraries is inherently a best effort exercise.