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Community Actions

Community-based, structural actions are possible end-game solutions that may allow groups of institutions to retake control of their data infrastructure.


  • Three Categories Of Action

    The purpose of this document is to build on the Landscape Analysis by offering a roadmap of potential actions that stakeholders can use to chart both individual and collective responses.

  • Community Actions: Intro

    A third category of actions for the community to consider focus on leveraging a strength in numbers approach, and targeting “big picture” actions institutions to regain and maintain control of their data infrastructure. This category includes a broad range of possible structural solutions to foster an open, competitive landscape for data and data analytics that is aligned with the interests of academic institutions and the communities they serve.

  • Community Actions: Collectively Implement Strategic Practices

    Broad adoption of common terms and conditions will have a market effect that favors products and services that are in the best interests of the academic community. This includes advantaging Open Source software over “black-box” algorithms and leveling the playing field for community-owned tools to compete with commercial options whenever available.

  • Update to the Roadmap for Action

    Acting in conditions of high uncertainty is particularly difficult. These are actions that libraries, in particular, and academic institutions, in general, could take regardless of the current situation.